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pep1 (58K) Perros en Puerto A.C. (PEP) was formed in August of 2008 by a small group of animal enthusiasts wanting to help the stray dogs of Puerto Escondido, Mexico.

Being the first organization of this type in the state of Oaxaca our goal is to improve the lives of dogs and public health through a combination of education and control programs, such as are already found in other states of Mexico.

PEP is a non government, non-profit organization depending on donations and funding from other sources.
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Why We Need PEP

Animal abuse is prevalent throughout all the states of Mexico. Dogs kept on hot cement roofs without shade and water, left to roam the streets while foraging for food, tied up on short chains, beaten and even abandoned by their owners are a common sight. The suffering of the animals is unimaginable, ranging from injuries from car accidents, mutilation, diseases, malnutrition, abuse by people to deliberate poisoning and shooting.

The development of a society that embraces animal welfare is a slow process. PEP has made it its mission to create a community that is more compassionate towards animal needs.

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PEP's Objectives

There are three main areas PEP is focusing on. The most important objective is the creation of a refuge where rescued animals can find a safe home, care and food as well as human interaction. In conjunction with this it is necessary to efficiently control the growth of the local dog population. This can be done through providing a low cost spaying and neutering service to prevent more and more new dogs appearing on the streets. Last but not least, to ensure the success of the aforementioned objectives, a program will be established to raise the public's understanding and respect of animals and the environment through extensive education.

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In short, a summary of our goals

1. Formation Of A Dog Shelter 2. Spaying And Neutering Service 3. Education Program
Taking the dogs off the street. Prevent uncontrolled population growth. Animal husbandry taught as a subject in schools.
Providing adequate home for animals.
Providing medical care. Provide a humane, efficient and effective
animal control program.
Census of dog population.
Offer kennel services
(as part of an income generating project).
Adoption/sponsoring program
(as part of an income generating project).
Implement a free or low cost
spaying and neutering service
affordable to members of the community.
Registration of dogs and their owners.

Where are we located?

PEP is based in the town of Puerto Escondido, on the pacific coast of Oaxaca, Mexico. Puerto Escondido has a population of 50,000 inhabitants, is a beach town and is privileged to have one of the best beach breaks in the world. The main income in this town is from tourism, especially surfers that will come here year round.

Puerto Escondido can be easily reached by domestic flight connections from Mexico City (D.F.) or by a comfortable over night bus service. From Oaxaca city the bus journey takes only 7 hours, and with the building of the new road system the journey will be cut down to 4 hours in the future.

Currently Puerto Escondido is undergoing major construction, with regard to building a 4 lane highway, that will go straight past town, as well as building a new boulevard along the beach front zone of Zicatela. Both these developments make it even more urgent for us as an association to get started and take the stray dogs off the streets, as with increasing and faster traffic, the animals survival chance decreases drastically.

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How you can help us…

PEP welcomes volunteers.

We are fortunate to offer our volunteers a warm climate all year round. However, during the rainy season from May to October, the weather can become rather humid. The beaches around Puerto are perfect for surfing, as well as spotting turtles and whales during their nesting and migrating seasons.

We have many volunteer opportunities as we are currently in the process of finding a suitable piece of land to build a shelter, setting up the education program and dealing with all kinds of logistical projects, advertising and fund raising. A basic knowledge of conversational Spanish is an advantage, mandatory if you are interested in helping with the education programs.

If you have good people and/or animal skills, are committed and confident and think you have something to offer to our stray dogs and/or the community, please contact us with a summary of your skills and experiences at: perrosenpuerto@hotmail.com.

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PEP Welcomes Donations

As a registered civil association we are able to receive donations.